50 Creative Potty Training Rewards Ideas That Will Make Your Toddler Excited

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Potty Training Rewards Ideas: Hey mamas! Buckle up, because potty training is one wild ride!  We’ve all been there, in the trenches with tiny rebels who just won’t cooperate. But guess what? We have our secret weapons: rewards and prizes! 

Every potty victory turns into a mini-celebration, complete with high fives and happy dances (because seriously, who knew peeing in the toilet could be so exciting?).

But here’s the thing: not every kid is motivated by treasure chests overflowing with stuff. If your little one thrives on hugs and “you did it!” cheers, then that’s pure gold!

Let’s face it, mama, life with a toddler is already a rollercoaster –  we don’t need potty training to feel like a wallet-crushing trip to Disneyland.  That’s why I’m all about keeping things practical and budget-friendly.

And here’s the kicker – ditch the sugar overload! Forget the mountains of candy (trust me, your dentist will thank you).  Sure, a sugary treat might bring a quick smile, but we’re all about setting our little ones up for long-term health and happiness.

So, how do we keep the party going without the sugar crash?  Here are some awesome, affordable, and sugar-free potty training reward ideas that will make your tiny champion’s eyes light up!

50 Genius Potty Training Rewards Ideas (that seriously work!)

DIY Medal: 

masterpiece! Craft a small medal using ribbons and paper to celebrate success. It’s a shiny reminder of their triumphs, worn with pride!

DIY Certificate: 

Crafty celebration! Create a personalised certificate of achievement together. It’s a lovely way to capture the moment and commemorate their potty prowess.

Sidewalk Chalks:

Sidewalk celebration! Let your child create sidewalk art with colourful chalk. It’s like turning the pavement into a canvas of their triumphs!

Pick A Special Magnet:

Magnet magic! Choose a fun magnet to proudly display on the refrigerator. It’s like turning the fridge into a gallery of potty triumphs!

Choose A New Pencil Or Eraser: 

Scribble success! Pick out a new writing tool as a reward for your budding artist. Whether it’s a pencil or eraser, it’s a little gift for big achievements!

Sticker Chart: 

Get ready for sticker fun! Create a special chart where your little one can proudly add a sticker each time they use the potty like a champ. It’s like building a colourful masterpiece of success!

Temporary Tattoos: 

Time for a bit of “ink” without the commitment! Let your superstar potty-goer choose a cool temporary tattoo as a reward. They can show off their achievements in style!

Praise And Positive Reinforcement: 

Hooray and high-fives all around! Shower your kiddo with heaps of praise and positive words. Let them know just how amazing and grown-up they are becoming with each successful potty adventure.

Extra Playtime With A Toy: 

Playtime extraordinaire! Your little one can spend an extra 10 minutes with their favourite toy. It’s a mini celebration where the toy of their choice becomes the star of the show!

Choose A Special Cup Or Plate: 

Mealtime magic! Your child gets to pick out a special cup or plate to make meals even more exciting. It’s like having a VIP section for their favourite foods.

DIY Sticker Book: 

Ready for sticker storytelling! Help your child create a mini sticker book where each page tells the tale of their potty triumphs. It’s a fun way to make memories!

Special Bath Time:

Dive into bath-time bliss! Extend the bubbly, watery fun by letting your little one enjoy extra time in the tub with bubbles or bath toys. Splish, splash, success!

Choose A New Bookmark: 

Adventure in every page turn! If your child loves stories, picking out a new bookmark together can make reading even more thrilling. It’s a bookmark, but really, it’s a ticket to excitement!

Puzzle Time: 

Piece-by-piece success! Solve a simple puzzle together as a reward for mastering the potty. It’s like putting together the pieces of a job well done!

Extra Bedtime Story: 

a father and girl child are reading a book on a bed
a father and girl child are reading a book on a bed

Snuggle up for storytime! Reading is always a treat, so why not add an extra bedtime story as a special reward? It’s the perfect way to end the day on a high note.

Themed Stamps: 

Stamp of approval! Use fun, themed stamps to celebrate potty victories. It’s like giving their success a colourful and playful stamp of approval!

Balloon Fun: 

Rise to the occasion! Celebrate with a helium balloon – a simple yet exciting reward that adds a touch of festivity to their achievement. Up, up, and away into success!

Nature Walk: 

Explore the great outdoors! Take a short nature walk together as a special activity to celebrate hitting those potty goals. It’s a breath of fresh air for your little explorer!

Playdate With A Stuffed Animal: 

Stuffed animal soirée! Arrange a playdate for your child’s favourite cuddly friend. It’s a chance for their beloved stuffed companion to join in the celebration!

Choose A New Bath Toy:

sink or float activity

Dive into bath-time fun! Let your little one pick out a new, affordable bath toy. It’s like adding a splash of excitement to their aquatic adventures!

Storytime With Voices:

Dive into the world of characters! Offer a special storytime where you read their favourite book using funny voices and accents. It’s like a mini-theater performance just for them!

Star Of The Day: 

Crown them the star! Designate a “Star of the Day” status where your child gets to be the centre of attention. They can share their achievements and preferences throughout the day.

Homemade Coupon Book: 

Crafty kindness! Help your child create a homemade coupon book with rewards like “Extra Playtime,” “Choose a Movie Night,” or “Special Snack Time.” 

Pick A Flower From The Garden: 

Blooms of success! If you have a garden, let them pick a flower as a living reminder of their potty-training victories. It’s a tiny bouquet of accomplishment!

Dance Party:

Move and groove! Celebrate with a spontaneous dance party in the living room. It’s a fun and energetic way to commemorate those successful potty moments.

Playdough Fun: 

Shape the success! Spend some creative time moulding and shaping with playdough. It’s a hands-on way to celebrate their achievements.

Magic Eraser Board: 

Let your child use a magic eraser board for doodling and drawing. Make it a magical canvas for their artistic celebrations!

Special Bedtime Song:

Lullaby magic! Create a special bedtime ritual by singing their favourite song. It’s a melodious reward that adds a sweet note to bedtime routines.

Choose A Special Hat: 

Top it off in style! Allow your child to choose a special hat to wear as a reward. It’s like wearing a crown of accomplishment!

Hide And Seek: 

Seek and celebrate! Play a round of hide and seek as a reward for their potty training achievements. It’s a game of joy and discovery!

Family Movie Night Vote: 

Democracy in action! Let your child have a say in the movie selection for family movie night. It’s like being the director of their cinematic celebration!

Painting Session: 

Colour their world! Have a painting session using washable paints. It’s a mess-friendly way to express their creativity and celebrate success.

Choose A New Toothbrush: 

Sparkle and shine! Allow your child to pick out a new, colourful toothbrush as a reward. It’s like adding a bit of dazzle to their oral care routine!

DIY Crown: 

Crown the champion! Craft a simple paper crown together, decorating it with stickers or drawings. It’s a royal symbol of their potty training success!

Balloon Volleyball: 

Fun and games! Set up a mini-volleyball game using balloons. It’s a playful way to celebrate their victories with a bit of bouncing fun!

Choose A Fruit Snack: 

Nature’s candy! Allow your child to pick out a fresh fruit snack, like a juicy apple or a bunch of grapes. It’s a healthy and delicious way to celebrate.

Build A Fort: 

build a fort activity
build a fort activity

Fort of triumph! Spend some quality time building a cosy fort together using blankets and pillows. It’s a snug celebration space for their potty training achievements.

Bubble Bonanza: 

Bubble party! Have a bubble bonanza in the backyard. It’s a simple and delightful way to celebrate success with floating fun!

Special Pencil Topper: 

Pick out a fun pencil topper for their writing adventures. It’s a small, practical reward that adds flair to their school supplies.

Magnet Puzzle: 

Create a mini puzzle on a magnet sheet, and as they complete successful potty trips, they can add a piece. Once the puzzle is complete, celebrate their achievement!

Funky Shoelaces: 

Choose a pair of colourful or patterned shoelaces to add a touch of fun to their shoes. It’s a unique and practical reward for the little fashionista.

Wristband Of Achievement: 

Craft a wristband together with positive affirmations or symbols of success. It’s a wearable reminder of their potty training triumphs.

Special Soap: 

Pick out a pleasantly scented or colourful soap for handwashing. It makes the post-potty routine a sensory treat.

Tiny Plant: 

Get a small potted plant or seeds to grow together. Each successful potty trip can be accompanied by a moment of tending to their growing green friend.

Car Decals: 

Select a set of small, removable car decals for a bit of vehicle customization. It’s a unique and quick reward for the aspiring car enthusiast.

Glow-In-The-Dark Stars: 

Decorate their room with glow-in-the-dark stars as a reward for shining in their potty training endeavours.

DIY Token Jar: 

Create a DIY token jar where each successful potty user earns a token. Once the jar is full, they can exchange it for a special reward.

Decorative Band-Aids: 

Choose fun, themed Band-Aids for their next adventure. It’s a small and practical reward that makes boo-boos a little more enjoyable.

Mini Notebook: 

A tiny notebook for big ideas! Let your child choose a mini notebook for doodles, thoughts, or even recording their potty training achievements.

Character Toothbrush Holder: 

Pick out a toothbrush holder featuring their favourite character. It adds a touch of whimsy to their dental routine.

Puzzle Erasers: 

Fun and functional! Get puzzle erasers in different shapes and colours. As they succeed in potty training, they can add to their eraser collection.

Crazy Straws: 

Sip in style! Choose a pack of crazy straws for a unique and enjoyable twist to their drink time.

In conclusion, the joy of potty training lies not just in the destination but in the celebration of each little victory along the way. Rewards, whether they’re a high-five, a special toy, or a personalised touch, play a pivotal role in making this journey memorable and positive.

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