10 Exciting Easter Activities for Kids

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Spring is in the air, and with it comes the delightful celebration of Easter. This vibrant time of year offers a wonderful opportunity to enrich your child’s learning journey through engaging Easter activities.

These activities can be seamlessly woven into the Montessori principles you cherish, fostering creativity, exploration, and a deeper connection with the season.

Easter is a time for joy, family, and of course, egg hunts! But the fun doesn’t have to stop there. These 10 creative activities celebrate the spirit of Easter while helping your child learn and play.

Activity 1: Decorating Delight

Age Group: 2-8 years old

Materials: Hard-boiled eggs (cooled completely), washable markers, stickers (optional)

How to Perform: Turn eggs into works of art! Let your child decorate hard-boiled eggs with colorful markers and stickers. This is a classic Easter activity that encourages creativity and fine motor skills.

Area of Development: Creativity, Fine motor skills, Color recognition

Activity 2: Sensory Bin Surprise

sensory bin activity

Age Group: 1-4 years old

Materials: Plastic bin, crinkle paper (in spring colors), plastic Easter eggs (filled with small toys or candy)

How to Perform: Hide and seek with a twist! Fill a plastic bin with crinkle paper in spring colors like yellow, green, and pink. Hide small toys or wrapped candy inside plastic Easter eggs. Let your child dig through the crinkly paper to find the hidden surprises!

Area of Development: Sensory exploration, Fine motor skills, Problem-solving skills

Activity 3: Chick Craft Cut-Ups

Age Group: 3-8 years old

Materials: Construction paper (yellow and orange), scissors, glue stick, googly eyes (optional), markers

How to Perform: Craft adorable chicks! Cut out two large ovals from yellow construction paper for the chick’s body. Cut out a smaller orange triangle for the beak and tiny circles from black construction paper for eyes (or use googly eyes). Glue the pieces together to create a cute chick. You can add details with markers like wings and feet.

Area of Development: Creativity, Fine motor skills, Following directions

Activity 4: Carrot Patch Matching

Age Group: 3-5 years old Materials: Construction paper (orange and green), scissors, marker

How to Perform: Match those carrots! Cut out large orange triangles from construction paper for the carrots. Cut out green rectangles with pointed tops for the carrot tops. Decorate the carrots with a marker and then separate the carrot tops from the bottoms. Let your child match the tops to the correct carrots.

Area of Development: Matching skills, Color recognition, Fine motor skills

Activity 5: Peep Parade Sorting

Age Group: 2-4 years old

Materials: Plastic Easter eggs (in different colors)

How to Perform: Sort the peeps by color! Even without candy, plastic Easter eggs in different colors can be a fun sorting activity. Show your child how to sort the eggs by color and encourage them to help you group them together.

Area of Development: Sorting skills, Color recognition, Fine motor skills

Activity 6: Bouncy Bunny Race

Age Group: 3-8 years old

Materials: Spoons, cotton balls, construction paper (cut into bunny shapes), markers

How to Perform: Get ready, set, hop! This playful activity combines creativity and gross motor skills. Help your child decorate bunny shapes cut from construction paper with markers. Attach each bunny to a spoon with tape or glue. Let your child race their bunny across the floor by holding the spoon and hopping!

Area of Development: Gross motor skills, Creativity, Following directions

Activity 7: Nest Building

Age Group: 2-5 years old

Materials: Shredded paper (in spring colors), basket or bowl, plastic Easter eggs

How to Perform: Build a cozy nest! Fill a basket or bowl with colorful shredded paper. Provide plastic Easter eggs and let your child pretend to build a nest for a baby bird. This is a simple activity that encourages imagination and fine motor skills.

Area of Development: Imagination, Fine motor skills, Sensory exploration

Activity 8: Egg Carton Chick Counting

easter eggs activity

Age Group: 2-4 years old

Materials: Empty egg carton, small toys or candy (enough to fill each carton compartment), marker

How to Perform: Counting chicks! Transform an empty egg carton into a playful counting game. Write numbers on each compartment with a marker. Hide small toys or pieces of candy inside the carton and let your child count how many are in each section.

Area of Development: Counting skills, Number recognition, Fine motor skills

Activity 9: Dancing Bunny Ears

a little sitting on the floor with bunny ears

Age Group: All ages

Materials: Headbands (plastic or fabric), construction paper (cut into bunny ear shapes), markers, scissors, stapler (adult use recommended)

How to Perform: Hop into some Easter cheer! Create adorable bunny ear headbands for the whole family. Decorate bunny ear shapes cut from construction paper with markers. Staple the base of each ear to a headband (adult supervision recommended for stapling). Now you’re ready to hop around and celebrate Easter!

Area of Development: Creativity, Fine motor skills (cutting), Family bonding

Activity 10: Peep Peep Story Time

book basket activity

Age Group: All ages

Materials: Children’s book about Easter or spring

How to Perform: Cuddle up for a story! Find a cozy spot and curl up with your child to read a fun Easter or spring-themed book. Reading together is a wonderful way to bond and promote language development. You can even hide plastic Easter eggs around the room with little notes or pictures inside, and have your child find them as you read the story!

Area of Development: Language development, Imagination, Bonding with caregiver


By incorporating these Easter activities into your child’s Montessori experience, you’ll be nurturing their natural curiosity, fostering a love for discovery, and creating joyful memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Easter!

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