Montessori Play School – Why Your Child Needs to Be There

child_reading_bookChoosing the right kind of nursery school can help shape the future of your child. Most parents do not take nursery education seriously and as a result they fail getting admissions in elite schools. There are many types of preschool programs available; Montessori, Waldorf, Progressive and Reggio Emilla. Choosing the right preschool program for you child is important. Montessori school is the most popular and the concept is wide accepted around the world. Though initially Marie Montessori used the materials for special children, it was later found to be of great use for normal children as well. Montessori education helps the child grow at their own pace.

What makes Montessori Play Schools popular is their teaching methodology. The interaction between the objects and the child enhances the learning process, teacher have a limited role to perform. This form of self directed teaching method has marked improvement in the growth of a child. Doing away with pressures of learning is the success of Montessori style of schooling. There is no hurry to learn and kids learn it their own way where no external force plays a role. Montessori education blends academics with real life. Children not just learn alphabets, numbers, mathematics but also learn to tie the shoelace and play with blocks. Montessori school ambience is lively with colors and warmth. Kids love to be part of the play school as there is lot of independence.

Brain development starts at the age of two and this is when children have to hone their mental skills and talent. Montessori play school help hone the mental ability of a child by not just restricting them to coloring and block building. They quench the curiosity in a child thereby helping to identify what best they like. This could give a clear instructions to the parents and teacher to focus their education in the right direction. Montessori schools concentrate on developing the natural talent in a child. Talent and art classes are part of the curriculum. There is scope for physical development as well, children are given play time where they can develop their physical ability by engaging in outdoor games. This can improve the health of a child.

Montessori play school introduces a child into a society. It is here the child learns to mingle with other children and becomes a social being. Inculcating discipline and manners at an early stage can make them responsible citizens. Montessori school aims at instilling good manners and habits in a child to help them grow as worthy individuals. The right combination of play and learn is good for the overall development of your children. Research proves that Montessori form of education is far more superior to traditional or non-Montessori schooling. The principles of this form of education stresses on a safe and stimulating environment where the child is allowed to grow at his/her own pace and teachers follow self-directed learning process.

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